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World Class Sires

Born | May 28, 2004

Tonto at 1 scored 177 3/8, at 2 he scored 212, at 3 years old scored 310 6/8 and at 4 Tonto scored 307 5/8 and has proven to be a great sire, he is known to produce two and three year old sons that score well over 200 inches. Click on his pedigree to also see several of the stand-out bucks he has produced over the years.

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Born | August 1, 2005

Matrix is the only six year old son of Tonto. He scored 295 5/8 at two and scored 233 3/8 at three. Matrix had a bacteria infection in his hock in July of 2009 and we had to put him down twice to treat him. He is still battling a medical issue and has not grown as he did prior to falling ill. However, Matrix is still producing bucks that have carried on his legacy.

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Born | September 1, 2006

Lakota is a 5 year old son of Tonto and measured at 300 1/8 at 2 and 393 at 3 when his antlers were cut off in August 2009 due to an intruder climbing the pen fence. The photo above was taken the day his antlers were cut as a 4 year old on July 20, 2010.

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Born | May 8, 2006

We purchased MaxboBucky at 3 when he measured out at 240" with a 24" I.S. and has been breeding with us for 2 years now producing great bucks. The photo above shows MaxboBucky at 4 scoring 265+ with a great wide typical frame. Check out his yearling son #73 born in 2010; like father, like son!

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Born | May 23, 2009

A son of Lakota, Takoda is our newest breeding sire on the farm carrying a very unique looking rack. We have received many calls on Takoda concerning his size and mass. We are very excited for his future and the genetics he will pass down!

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